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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a certificate of document destruction?
We will issue you a certified destruction certificate after your material or items have been destroyed. This Certificate will include the method of destruction, detailed description of destroyed items, including bar code identifiers if you wish, dates of destruction, names of our employees who personally do the destruction . We can also provide you with any type of certification and documentation that you or your auditors wish up to and including video documentation of the entire destruction process.

Are you bonded? How about Insured?
We are fully insured and our staff is covered by third party fidelity and honesty bonding.

How long have you been in the shredding business?
Since January of 1990. To give you some perspective on just how long ago that is, gasoline was $1.63 a gallon, Madonna was huge, and Driving Miss Daisy won the best picture at the Oscars. And we have never had a security breach in all this time.

Do I have to remove staples and paper clips?
There is no need to remove any rubber bands, paper clips, staples or other types of office products. Hanging files, and binders are no problem either.

Do you service residence houses and Home offices?
We sure do, just book a service date on line or give us a call. There is no extra charge for residential or home office services.

Will you remove my empty boxes?
We can do that. Costs are based on simply shredding the contents of boxes so removal of boxes and other trash or items will result in extra charges, removal of empty boxes for example will be $1 each. Costs for other items can be calculated for you before the job, simply give us a call or email.

Are you available nights or weekends?
No problem, just give us a call to discuss details and costs.

Can you shred things other than paper?

Over the past twenty years we have shredded just about anything you can think of, mountains of paper documents, truckloads of defective products, computer hard drives, just about the only thing we have not destroyed yet is a load of bowling balls. Any questions, give us a call or an email. If we haven’t destroyed your material yet, we’ll find a way. Promise.

Can we set up a regular schedule?

Absolutely. In over twenty years of shredding we have found this to be the best method for ongoing shredding. Once a rhythm is established most companies are like clockwork with their needs. Many times we get a call from a client requesting an extra pick up and we already have them scheduled for that day.

What happens if our container fills before our scheduled service data?
Just give us a call and we will be right there to take care of it. If you find this happening frequently, we can give you more collection containers, larger capacity ones or service you office more frequently, your choice.

What size clients are your target markets?

Our favorite clients are small and medium businesses. We find that large companies simply do not appreciate the level of service that we provide and it is more satisfying to deal with clients that are real people and not just some corporate auto matron. After twenty years of destroying things having a good relationship is important to us.

Can I use your service one time or for annual clean-ups?

We have many clients that save their confidential material and have us come by once every year or even longer intervals. The key thing about our service is we work for you and with you. Every day, every month, or once a presidential term, it is all fine with us.

What type of containers do you have for me to use?
Our standard units include a console style cabinet, wheeled bins that are great for larger needs, we can also provide you with solutions custom designed and built for your needs. Just give us a call or email to discuss options.

Do I need to sort my documents?
Not at all. Any type of paper product is acceptable, any color, texture or size. If you can tear it, it can go into the paper. And unlike some, we don't sort it either when we shred it.

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